Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been like, 3 months since last time! Holy shit, I feel so bad now :P

But I've been, sort of busy. I have a job now (during the time away, I've had 2 :O). The first was telemarketing, but I quit that pretty quickly, as soon as I got the other job, at a night club!

Sure, it pays way less but it also doesn't make me suicidal haha, only working 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday) during the nights, so it's cool. Still got paid for the work I did as a telemarketer, so that was nice. I'm still searching for a real job, ya know, 9 to 5 with good pay, but with this current job I can at least get an income that isn't from the government, I feel so dirty living on welfare, which I certainly do not do now! Well, at least not from the government (Thanks mom!).

But, they're fixing up the club now, so there won't be any work for at least a couple of weeks, which sucks.

Anywho, I'm on the way to start a new music project, I have a guitarist and a drummer in the works, I myself shall slap-a-da bass, let's see if I can get that started!

Lemondrops, I shall see if I can get back to 3D again!

Bye bye :D