Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello again!

Haven't worked that much in the actual castle, I updated the gate a little, but that's it!

Instead, I tried to work a bit on a landscape around it, this is gonna look nice if I figure out how the texturing works :P I'm also thinking of getting some trees up there as well, some pine and whatnot. Or maybe maple trees? I dunno, what fits in a castle environment?

Anowho, here's the gate! As you can see, thinner poles and it just looks more clean!

And here's the landscape!

And as so many of you guys wanted me to do the Enterprise, so I shall! (At least try). Should I get on it right away or should I finish the castle first? :P

And again, everyone, thank you so much for your support! You're awesome! :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gate, continue!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not being active this last few days, somethings came up! But I promise you I will do more work this coming days! So expect me :D

Anyway, I finished (I think it's finished anyway, might work some more on it) the gate! Just some details inside the walls and some landscape and this thing is done :P

I also want to thank everyone for all your support and ideas, you guys rock!

The next project will probably be a space ship as some of you suggested, but I'm thinking.. What kind of a space ship? (Fighter, cruiser, Enterprise??)

Thanks everyone for your support again!

Friday, September 24, 2010


So, this was a little bit tricky, had no idea how to pull this off, so I improvised!

I made my gate! Next up are some houses for the keep and maybe some landscape. And then, texturing, I have no idea how to texture in Maya, so this will be interesting!

And I got a comment suggesting I should make a space ship of some sort next time, or maybe even at the same time, and so I shall!

Thank you everyone for all your support, you guys keep me motivated ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work work work!

So, I shall soon continue further on my castle, but! First I want to ask you something :)

I am a total newb when it comes to Maya, I'm just beginning to learn how to use it, I used to work with SketchUp before, waay back, so this is really different!

The version I'm working with now is Maya 2011, I think it's the latest :P

So, on to the question, except for this castle, what else do you think I shall model? Something for a beginner, but not too simple.. Like a football or something!

And maybe some of you guys have tips on some good tutorial sites?

Thanks, and I will update shortly!

Monday, September 20, 2010


So this is a Castle I'm working on in Maya!

It's a long way from done, but I think it looks good ^^ Tell me what you think :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Welcome to my blog!

Here, I will post all my creative stuff, or, atleast my tries at being creative :)

Let's hope for a creative future! :D