Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work work work!

So, I shall soon continue further on my castle, but! First I want to ask you something :)

I am a total newb when it comes to Maya, I'm just beginning to learn how to use it, I used to work with SketchUp before, waay back, so this is really different!

The version I'm working with now is Maya 2011, I think it's the latest :P

So, on to the question, except for this castle, what else do you think I shall model? Something for a beginner, but not too simple.. Like a football or something!

And maybe some of you guys have tips on some good tutorial sites?

Thanks, and I will update shortly!


  1. you could try modeling a head or some armor, robots are the way to go, I used to model mechs as a way to practice

  2. How about the space shuttle?

  3. cant wait to see the finished castle

  4. Good luck with the modeling of the castle!

  5. i like your post !!

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  7. looks like fun!

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