Monday, October 18, 2010


Haha, so many have asked about my music x) Some have even asked me to post it here!

Maybe I will, since it's a sort of "creation" of mine :)

Although it's mainly something for me to do at the moment, and also practice mixing and stuff like that, it's not something that sounds over the top. The drums are (at the moment) all computer generated and we record in my friends bedroom haha.

He's pretty good with gizmos and technical stuff, better than me anyway, he's taken apart his guitar-amp and plugged it into the computer, and with the computer we can generate different effects, like distortion, wah-wah, delay, reverb, pretty much anything, you name it! Same with bass-guitar!

Only downside to this method as that the palm-muting sounds sort of retarded, which you can hear in the track right here:

F.You | Upload Music

No vocals on it yet, and there are mainly two reasons:

1) I have no lyrics, at least not the complete song, I've gotten like, half a verse and a half chorus.

2) Vocals are hard to record!

They're hard to record mainly because of one thing. I'm not the best of singers haha x)
No, but seriously, we use a microphone that is intended for live use, and not recording, thus the sound is not the way we want it. I also lost my "pop-filter" which cancels the sound you get if you breath in to the mic.

But as soon as I figure out how to sing in the proper key in the song we're recording now (It's only on one part of the chorus, I just can't seem to get it right! The verse and the first part of the chorus are perfect, it's just this one part... Makes me frustrated!)

Anyways, if you listen to the song, I'm glad to hear some feedback! (Also, it's just a working title, tell me what you feel when you hear the song, if like... It's supposed to have a type of lyric to it, maybe it'll be easier for me to write the lyrics :D)

Anyways, thanks for all your support lemondrops! And sorry for such a long post x)

I'll keep you posted!


  1. sounds cool dude, email me and send me the parts i can have a go at mastering it :)

  2. sounds nice can't wait to hear lyrics

  3. seriously you've created?
    that if you've done, I loved
    continue posting more

  4. dude! that sounds really good!

  5. I hate palm-muting. I like my palms nice and loud.

  6. thats pretty awesome to be able to make at home in your buddys room

  7. Still sounds really good, you can hear it's not done yet but keep the good work going and you'll get there !! Music is all about perseverance mate !!

  8. Sounds really good so far! Keep it up!

  9. Vocals are extremely hard to record! Getting things the way you want is always a pain in the dikbut

  10. Not my thing, but it seems like you guys are on the right track

  11. i hope you find a way to record your vocals

  12. Not a huge fan but you have my interest!

  13. gosh that sounds pretty great- my only quip is that alot of the beats seem to go on for a bit too long before they transition. but sounds great, best of luck man

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  15. Can't wait for lyrics attached to this great music :) really sounds good