Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tutorial Studios

So so, sorry for being absent, gonna keep to this blogging again now!

As of now, I consider the Castle to be done, until I get the proper skills to finish it that is! Haha.

Enterprise, was as I thought, way over my head, so I've put it on hold.

What I've decided to do, is to try a couple of few more tutorials, to guide me to become better, any tips about any would be appreciated!

Got some music news as well! This Monday, hopefully, I will get to use my friend's studio he has in his school, a proper studio! That's so exciting haha xD

Expect more from me soon, be it models or songs, don't have any material just now, but here, have some lyrics I've written:

I'm not gonna lie
I'm not happy
I don't know what to do
I don't know what went wrong

I may lay down in defeat
I may not smell the flowers
I didn't see this coming
But I'll tell you this

Of all the feelings I possess
Regret didn't quite make it
A pain-release, a burden lifted
On the horizon I see
The only thing that stays true to me

In the midst of tomorrow
The future still lies unwritten
Laying down a draining sorrow
To write a history of my own

I'm not gonna lie
I'm not happy

I'm not gonna lie
I still believe

I don't have a melody for it yet... Maybe some rap-ish? I don't know, what melody do you get in your head? If you can describe it haha xD


  1. i like your blogs layout, the background image looks cool :)

  2. Nice lyrics. Now waiting to hear them with some melody. Something slow and mellow maybe?

  3. morbid words man :s, nice poetry tho...

  4. Really good stuff mate, keep it coming :)

  5. don't give up, keep us posted on your progress!

  6. I have no idea if that's good or bad.

  7. interesting, but i feel its missing something, keep at it!

  8. this does not have Rap structure. Rap lyrics are usually very long. I like it, btw!

  9. glad to see you back and blogging!

  10. they can be improved but i think you can do it
    i would like to know what happened to your modelling + texturing , are you in trouble with it finishing? if you need help just ask in my comments .. i could help you (but remember .. the last time i did it is 5 years ago)

    keep up the good work